Contingency Plan

Objectives - inform parishioners of the process for reporting, containing, and cleaning the church once a positive COVID-19 case is reported to church leadership.


Expectations - This explains: What will we know? What will we be able to do? How will we communicate and what can we communicate? How we will be able to maintain the church open and safe.


Outcomes - Worship in a clean and safe environment with full transparency when we have a positive case.

Entering the Sanctuary

Please review the information provided by the core group prior to arrival. Get vaccinated as soon as possible toprotect yourself and prevent the spread of COVID-19

Prior to coming to the church building

The core group along with members of the church have researched and provided an overview to help us stay safe during this pandemic. Please ensure you have no symptoms prior to coming to services.

Upon entering the church building

 Your temperature will be taken. If your temperature is normal, you will be shown to your seat. If your temperature is out of normal - you will be asked to leave. A core group member will call you to start contact-tracing only to trace if you have been in close contact with any ICCOC members recently.